CAMARA is the music project of Berlin based musican and producer, Fatima Camara. Born in Canada, CAMARA was raised in a large Portuguese family where traditional song and dance were as integral to her family gatherings as food, laughter and wine.

In CAMARA’s textured compositions, she combines samples of sentimental sounds, classic studio components, and live bass and vocals. Her work straddles subgenres, finding a variety of champions across the music media. Owing to her unique production process, the resulting sound has been described variously as cinematic dream pop, new wave, down-tempo, post punk, electronica, and more. Her personal style of layering sentimental sounds on an electronic backdrop, with her own voice set deep, almost drowning in the mix, renders a unique optimistic melancholy.

She released her stunning debut album ‘Before We Sleep’ to wide critical acclaim. Hailed as “already a classic… not only sonically rewarding but emotionally so” by London’s NTS Radio, a “heart-rendering… remarkable debut” by Fact magazine, and featured among NTS’s top 5 albums of the year in an end of year roundup.

Her subsequent compositions have appeared in various soundtracks including awarding winning films, ‘Joe Boots’, ‘Stress’, and ‘Indarella’. In addition to her solo work, Fatima collaborates with producer Scott Monteith (aka Deadbeat) with their first album, ‘Trinity Thirty’ released in 2019.